Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exciting News!

Hello Everyone!

I am beginning this blog while I am finishing up my Masters of Arts in Elementary Education at Truman State University and I have some good news to share!

The good news is.... I HAVE A JOB FOR NEXT YEAR! I had an interview on Friday, March 23, and received a job offer only ONE HOUR after leaving! Exciting, right?!

Well, since I will begin teaching fifth grade at Noyes Elementary School in the fall, I thought I should start a blog to keep people updated with the comings and goings of my classroom. This will not only help me to relieve stress, but I can share new ideas with friends and coworkers, like things that did or didn't work out in my classroom. I will try to share things like classroom organization, fun activities and games that students enjoyed, lessons that worked particularly well, and anything else I think you would benefit from!

I am so excited to start in August, but until then, if I find anything that sparks my interest, or if I believe it might spark yours, I will post on here!

Have a great week everyone!