Monday, February 18, 2013

Delectably, Delicious Writing

Hello friends!

This week's post is about some descriptive writing that I did with my fifth graders. They wrote some awesome pieces after brainstorming on Popplet, writing their rough drafts in Notabilty, having their writing edited within Notability, making corrections, and then submitting them to our Posterous page for final grading.

Here are the apps we used:

Once the kids had finished their work, I used this writing to make a new hallway display. I made the Hershey Kisses for their writing from poster board wrapped in tin foil. The Kisses tags are made from tissue paper and blue markers. It made for such a cute display! 


I am also including my grading rubric that I used for this assignment, in case you were to "borrow" it. Keep on sharing!
Hope you have enjoyed this new addition to my blog!  I will be posting soon!

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