Sunday, September 22, 2013

Robotics Lesson One Results!

Hey everyone!

I have finally started teaching my robotics course on a regular schedule! Yay! The beginning of the year was a scorcher and we had multiple early outs due to heat. Typically, on 1-hour and 2-hour early outs, we have students. Our new superintendent was being very nice and allowing us 3-hour early outs since it was so STINKING HOT! The sad part of this is...we didn't get our students for those days. :( Good news is that we have our kids back now! WOOHOO!! And, even better...they LOVE robotics!

The first lesson in robotics was to create a personal definition of what you thinks robotics means and create an image of what they think a robot looks like and show it doing something a robot does. I got some really cool images that I would like to share with all of you! They came up with some really great ideas! 

I will post some of their enlightening definitions later on, but I don't have them with me! Look forward to that! :)

Pep Talk from Kid President for Teachers and Students!

Hello friends!

I know the year has already started, but some of us may already need a little pep talk from our friend, Kid President! :) He has an awesome new video on telling bullies to not repeat the past and keep moving forward to make the world more AWESOME! 

Check it out! :)